About Us

lone star 2 copy    Majik Pockit was set up by Louise Spraggon who moved to NZ in 2008 from the UK. Whilst in the UK Louise worked in the animated film industry with a variety of companies including The British Film, Institute, Channel 4 TV, Hot Animation; makers of Bob the Builder, and on Tim Burton’s movie Corpse Bride.

Louise’s experience stretches across a number of creative fields, including radio, photography, illustration and animation.

She has experience writing, directing and producing animated films and series, Louise has also worked with a number of UK & NZ radio stations, producing voice overs for commercials, promos and character pieces. Louise has qualifications in professional photography and digital moving image, and has extensive experience in the education sectors in New Zealand and the UK. She has worked as a tertiary lecturer, secondary school teacher, and workshop facilitator with museums and galleries across the country, teaching film-making skills to students, teachers and professional artists.
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